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Lean Boot Camp

Lean boot camp is an interactive course set that mixes didactic teaching and hands on learning in a group classroom setting. Over the course of four days, learn the fundamental skills, tools, and ways of thinking to become a lean ninja!

A3 Thinking Workshop

with Margie Hagene

Using the Scientific Method to Solve Operational Problems


A3 Thinking is a foundational Lean skill that is critical for effective improvement work. It engages the learner in methodically and logically approaching problem solving, with a goal of creating a concrete, actionable plan for achieving goals. A3 Thinking has been instrumental in helping the UCSF Health leaders advance our Lean transformation, and has become a standard practice in our organization.


Practicing the use of the A3 fosters communication among stakeholders, alignment to strategic goals, and buy-in around counter measures to a problem. The A3 functions as a tool for change management, project management, human development, and knowledge sharing.


During this valuable 2 day learning experience, participants will apply A3 Thinking skills to a meaningful problem in their work areas. They will also practice coaching others in enhancing good thinking skills.



The A3 Thinking workshop consists of two-days of learning and practice, and a one-hour session of coaching, over a six week period.



Through instruction, small group discussions and exercises, workshop participants will:

  • Explain the requirements of sound A3 thinking and management following progressive stages of learning.

  • Recognize the thought process behind the various sections of the A3 template.

  • Practice coaching for improvement and use feedback from peers and faculty.

  • Develop all the sections of the A3 for an organizational problem.

    • Bring a problem on a manageable scale for you to learn and practice A3 Thinking; not too large/overly complex. Problems should be:

      • A messy situation you own

      • Specific to your work area

      • An improvement to a situation that will add value and advance your work



$150 will be recharged to your department to cover the cost of the book and room rental for this workshop. 



Managing to Learn by John Shook

  • Read the book before the first day of training

  • Please pick up your book at 350 Parnassus, Suite 501 – A3 Thinking Lab

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